Homage to Catatonia

A Loving Catalog of Orphaned Ideas.


Person A makes insulting remark at Person B’s expense.

Person B closes his/her eyes and breathes deeply, then counts backward from 12.

Person A: What are you doing?

Person B: Not punching you in the face.

An Opening


Now that that’s out of the way I can begin.

Aphorisms (1)

Sometimes we are haunted as much by what we can’t remember as we are by what we can’t help remembering.

*     *     *

The order in which an idea is conceived is not necessarily the order in which it should be presented.

Moments (1)

While reading a biography he came across the Latin motto Larvatus Prodeu. The phrase was translated as “I go forth disguised” but he misread it as “I go forth disgusted.”

Descriptions, Images, Phrases (1)

She wore her red hair pulled back in a bountiful ponytail.

He did not carry his regrets well.

An aquarium state of mind.

The weather of her eyes.