Movie Idea

by TheBloomingIdiot

Following a bout of tantric sex William Shatner experiences an epiphany: a revelation so elegant in its simplicity, so sweeping in its potential that, if he could express clearly to a large number of people, it would have the potential to benefit all of humanity and alter the course of civilization for the better. Beginning with a series of already scheduled talk show appearances, Shatner tries to explain his epiphany to a wider audience only to find that his attempts are treated as campy humor by hosts, co-hosts, and in-studio audiences alike. Even during one-on-one interactions Shatner finds that friends and acquaintances only nod politely as their eyes glaze over. Eventually, to keep things lively, a second character — a non-celebrity, ordinary person who “gets it” — could be introduced: an acolyte who does more harm than good because he seems crazy. I’m picturing David Cross.

If Shatner is unavailable other actors might work: Tim Allen, Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Sally Struthers, Carrot Top . . . any actor who is not taken seriously will do. Ideally, though, the lead should be someone who was once a legitimate star but is now reduced to self-mockery and late-night informercials. Whoever it is, the film should be played straight and earnest — not mocking the actor in question but satirizing the notion of trying to use mass media to communicate an important idea.

Director: Spike Jonze