Homage to Catatonia

A Loving Catalog of Orphaned Ideas.

Month: November, 2012

Some Bad Titles

The Worst Romantic In the World

The Dissembling Assembler

The Matter of Kissing

The Unexpected Mushroom

Farts: A Love Story

Some Bad Sentences

They used to work out but it didn’t work out.

She was a hooker with a heart of gold and feet of clay.

He had no appetite but he needed energy so he ate a hot dog with relish without relish.

Story Idea (Short Story, Movie, Whatever)

Story about someone who wakes up one morning to find that, for no apparent reason, whenever s/he goes into a shop (etc) s/he is mistaken for an employee. Customers constantly approach him or her in need of help and even become irritated and combative when she claims not to be an employee. Should begin with easily dismissed examples (bookstore, cafe, etc) and grow increasingly outrageous.
Possible Titles: “Do You Work Here?” or “On the Job”