Quotations About Puns

by TheBloomingIdiot

When the ambiguity in a sentence can be isolated to one word, then we have a pun: for example, “Australians are the finest people in the world because they are chosen by the best judges in England.” —I.G. Kelly

It is clearly important to play with language in order to test its powers. We need to play before being, while being, or after being, serious. As much as anything else, a pun is language on vacation. —Walter Redfern

A juggler is a wit in things. A wit is a juggler in ideas—and a punster is a juggler in words.
—Jackson of Exeter, The Four Ages

You know, puns have always been considered a low form of wit, but I find them a source of stimulation both because of their actual sound and because of the unexpected meanings attached to the interrelationships of disparate words. For me, this is an infinite field of joy—and it’s always right at hand. —Marcel Duchamp