by TheBloomingIdiot

Sometimes an event looms so large that it seems unnatural when it begins to recede into the past.

*     *     *

Sometimes he felt like he was on the verge of something huge and wonderful, as if at any moment a new and amazing chapter in his life would begin. Day after day, for weeks at a time, he would carry this lurking certainty within him, feeding on its promise, until, finally, one day the feeling would fade and his life would go on in much the same way it always had.

*     *     *

Sometimes he fantasized about becoming an expatriate and was surprised to find that the first order of business in these fantasies was deciding what kind of hat he would wear.

*     *     *

Sometimes he felt imbued with the feeling that he had something important to say, so he would take up his pen and begin writing only to find, as he read the words back, that he had said nothing at all.