Homage to Catatonia

A Loving Catalog of Orphaned Ideas.

Category: Phrases

Observations & Ideas

A cliche is a truth so successfully distilled to its essence that no one wants to hear it anymore.

Fashion, trendiness, hipness . . . these are the artist’s equivalent of planned obsolescence.

The unique trick of advertising is to make you look at a piece of art and desire, not the piece itself, but some other item entirely.

Some day I want to write a story that is made up entirely of sentences taken from books and stories by my favorite writers.

The more grandiose our heroes the more we exaggerate our own mundane problems.

Three Attempts At A Clever Sentence

He was the sort of person it wasn’t worth getting to know until you’d already gotten to know him.

Only people who had already gotten to know him seemed to think he was someone worth getting to know.

There wasn’t much reason to get to know him until you’d gotten to know him.

Some Bad Sentences

They used to work out but it didn’t work out.

She was a hooker with a heart of gold and feet of clay.

He had no appetite but he needed energy so he ate a hot dog with relish without relish.